Hazelwoods Lost

Sent On Your Way, Across The Universe.
We're Not In Hazelwood Anymore
Rescue, Its In The Bag...
Change Is Inevitable

“When you put something in something something is bound to happen.”- Thats what my mother Pipa Broolough used to say. she made the best bread in all of Kreplough, and she was the one that was entrusted to make the magical quickbread when the Ranger Seriadia Skellsouth came to town.It is tradition that the first person to arrive when the quickbread is baked gets a giftloaf “just because the gods favored them with working nostrils” as my mother said. Seriadia is more than happy to share, but to tell the truth, the tradition is an inseperable part of the magic,a dash of luck, a pinch of chaos, and the touch of the gods, who always have more than their share of fun in this world stirring the pot. Seriadia was given the recipie years ago by the Grand Perkoosh Wabash for recueing his only son from the Pirate Hellsbreath, (A long story for another time) It took Seriadia 30 years to gather all the ingredients, and find the right baker and now its the third year of the great baking and the loaves are in the oven.and somewhere in a galaxy far far away is an odd group of lost souls who while not sure of where they are, they do know that there is good bread cooking somewhere, and it just might lead to their rescue.


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