This is a game to take the old group from 2nd edition into the 4edition. i hardly know how to play this edition much less run it, so it will be a learning experience for all. when i began gaming, my second game, i was asked to run the game becuase they thought i knew what i was doing!(they were confused) i didnt, but i dont sweat the details, and here we go, trial by fire # 2.its like deja vu all over again. _ _january3rd 2009:__i had great news today that the stalwart ray junior has downloaded the free character builder and has made the characters for his party. hooray ray! well done. i was worried that i didnt have the cash for printing everyones i have to talk to him about this nook in the internet for keeping things.and about iplay4e for uploading the party for me to do the evil that i do.i hope the pcs are all legal and havent been loaded up with magic items galor, becuase you dont have anything yet.i guess i will find out soon. all the pcs need to make up a wish list for me.list 2-level 3 magic items,2-level 2 magic items,and 2 level 1 magic items.

Hazelwoods Lost